Reflecting on the dedication and countless years of service our employees devote to LCU, we celebrate their retirements alongside the milestones of service years recognized.

George Davis


George began his service to LCC in 1977 when the maintenance department consisted of only six workers. George’s contributions and talents include locksmithing, finish carpentry, plumbing, general maintenance, set-up organization, electrical, lighting, and team leadership.

Stewardship is defined as “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” George has spent his career being a careful steward of our funds, tools, equipment, vehicles, facilities, and most importantly, our students.

George's passion for Christmas, particularly for lighting and decorations, has been a cherished part of our campus tradition. While he later received assistance from his 'elves,' there was a time when he single-handedly designed, built, and installed all the lighting and decorations seen on our buildings and throughout campus

George has given and continues to give so much of himself to LCU. Our campus wouldn’t be the same without George Davis on the team for the past 46 years.

Ann Sims


Ann Sims began teaching math as an adjunct faculty member in 1994 and then became full-time faculty in January of 2001.

During her tenure at LCU, Ann was the inspiration and driving force for many students to obtain certification in mathematics. Her previous high school teaching experience was invaluable to LCU students, as she tirelessly worked to teach math to non-majors and to mentor and prepare mathematics education majors.

Whether it be teaching an overload class without pay, spending her summer redecorating the math building, applying for grants for class materials, writing departmental reports, gathering votes for student awards, creating lovely centerpieces for the Associates Luncheon, or even planning a baby shower for a colleague, Ann always served beautifully and willingly - to the highest standards and with a servant heart.

Ann’s contributions to LCU are innumerable, and she is an inspiration to us all.

“Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs 31:31

Rachel Swartwood


Rachel began her tenure with Lubbock Christian University on November 30, 1998, as an administrative assistant in the University Business Office. Rachel served diligently as she assisted with employee benefits management and manual processing of checks through typing and embossing, well before the days of checks being processed by a computerized system.

After several years with the Business Office, Rachel transitioned to the Office of Facilities. Rachel played a pivotal role in orchestrating numerous work orders and effectively managing the diverse demands placed upon the university's facilities and grounds. She skillfully organized and oversaw the timely disposition of well over 3,000 work order requests and processed over 1,000 purchase requisitions annually. Despite her remarkable proficiency, Rachel faced occasional challenges, evidenced by her talent and knack for crashing both her computer and the printer shared by all the offices in facilities.

LCU remains incredibly grateful to Rachel for her unwavering dedication, diligent work ethic, and genuine affection for the university's students, faculty, staff, and guests. Her attention to detail and responsiveness are invaluable contributions that made the difference so that all the things that needed to be done got done.

2023 Years of Service Recognition