As we reflect on the rich history and vibrant community at Lubbock Christian University, it is evident that our legacy is built on the foundation of cherished traditions, enduring relationships, and a shared commitment to walk with our students through every step of their journey.

This issue of Reflections  celebrates 50 years since our first set of Host and Hostesses were added to one of our longest-standing traditions, Master Follies. This cherished event has brought hosts and hostesses together for half a century, creating unforgettable memories and fostering lifelong friendships. It's a testament to the spirit of unity and joy that defines our LCU family.

You'll also read an inspiring story about May graduate Alexis Wright. Alexis faced a life-threatening illness at the beginning of the school year, which delayed her start. However, embodying our brand promise to “walk with you," her LCU professors provided unwavering support, helping her overcome challenges and graduate on time. Her resilience and the dedication of our faculty and staff exemplify the heart of our mission.

Chapel has been a cornerstone of the LCU experience since its inception. In this edition, we take a look back at chapel through the years, highlighting its role in fostering spiritual growth and community among our students. Chapel remains a vital part of our campus life, nurturing the faith and spirit of every individual who walks through our doors.

We are also proud to feature Dr. Michael Martin from our Biblical Studies department. Dr. Martin's scholarship and dedication to his students are matched only by his devotion to his son. His story is one of passion for teaching and a deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of our students. Likewise, the annual LR Wilson Teaching Awards recognize outstanding faculty members who have made significant contributions to our academic community. This year’s recipients, Dr. Jeana Culbert and Professor Ronelle Howell, exemplify excellence in teaching, inspiring our students to reach their full potential.

This spring, we celebrated our distinguished alumni with awards honoring their achievements and contributions. Additionally, we recognized our Community Partners, whose support is instrumental in furthering the mission of LCU. Their involvement enriches our university and extends our impact beyond the campus.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the upcoming summer and fall activities. Our campus will host various youth camps, fostering growth and learning among young participants. Alumni gatherings, both on campus and in other regions, will provide opportunities to reconnect and celebrate our shared heritage. The good work at LCU continues, thanks to the unwavering support of our alumni and community friends and partners.

God's hand is evident in the ongoing work and successes at Lubbock Christian University. As you read through this edition of Reflections, I hope you feel a sense of pride and connection to our beloved university. We look forward to welcoming you back home to LCU soon.


Scott McDowell, Ed.D.
President, Lubbock Christian University