Volume 62 • Issue 2 • Fall 2022


Dr. Kent Gallaher Champions Renewed Focus and Innovation as Provost

Dr. Kent Gallaher, LCU’s new Provost and Chief Academic Officer, began his work on July 1, replacing the recently retired Dr. Foy Mills, Jr. His vision for LCU’s future builds on the solid foundation established by Dr. Mills and by Dr. Rod Blackwood before him. Since his arrival, Dr. Gallaher has spoken often of this vision, encouraging our deans and faculty to continue dreaming and working toward the fulfillment of a vibrant and innovative path forward.

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Continuing Providence

A Note from the President

Lubbock Christian University’s founding president, F.W. “Billy” Mattox, wrote a wonderful book about his life entitled, The Future is Better Than the Past: Affirmation of Providence. I am taken by that subtitle — Affirmation of Providence. When you read about the life of Dr. Mattox, you cannot help but sense the thread of God’s constant provision that runs through his story. That same providential theme is woven throughout the amazing history of Lubbock Christian University.

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Alaska Choir Trip Continues Decades-Long Tradition

When asked to name their favorite memory from their time at Lubbock Christian University, alumni will give a variety of answers. For some, it was being part of a particular club show in Master Follies, while others may recall a moment when a professor went above and beyond for them in a difficult time. Still others remember a mission trip, a powerful chapel service, or an award recognizing their academic achievement. And while those are certainly among the top memories for students across the board, an overwhelming number of alumni would say that the chorus/choir trips were among their very favorite memories.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Many students describe their time in college as an adventure—their first time away from home on their own, with real responsibilities solely on their shoulders. It’s a time of excitement, discovery, networking, and development. It is also a springboard for future opportunities. Two recent LCU graduates have begun new and exciting adventures—one beginning her dream job at Walt Disney World and the other in the office of a U.S. Congresswoman. 

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LCU Unveils New Center for Faith and Business

This summer, Lubbock Christian University and its School of Business announced the official formation of the Center for Faith and Business, a program spearheaded by Director Dr. Josh Sauerwine, Associate Professor of Accounting. As the center grows, Dr. Sauerwein will work closely with CEO in Residence, Matt Bumstead. From its inception, the Center for Faith and Business was intended to be at the core of the School of Business, not just one of its many efforts or some optional component of its curriculum.

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Trips to the Holy Land Bring Faith to Life

For more than thirty years, Drs. Jesse and JoAnn Long have frequently traveled to the Middle East as a part of an archaeological partnership. Jesse, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Archaeology in the Alfred and Patricia Smith College of Biblical Studies, is married to JoAnn, a Professor of Nursing and Director of Research and Development in the Department of Nursing, both at Lubbock Christian University. After establishing their work and roots, the couple has spent the last decade leading multiple tour groups through Jordan, Egypt, and Israel, bringing stories from scripture to life and forming lasting, deep relationships in the process.

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In Full Bloom

For Skyler Richardson, growing things has always been a joy. The smell of freshly tilled earth, the sight of life springing from the ground to become something beautiful, the lessons brought by seasons of plenty and of little—each has been instilled within her since childhood. Though her bachelor’s degree isn’t in botany, agriculture, or nature studies, Skyler’s flourishing flower business, SkyGardens, continues to call back to her time on Lubbock Christian University’s campus in surprising ways

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Physician Turned Children's Author

Upon his recent retirement from the medical profession, Dr. B. Ward Lane took up life on the ranch and turned his skillful hands as a successful surgeon to other challenges, trading his latex gloves and a scalpel for leather work gloves and a pen. Lane actually prefers the term “redirected” instead of retired, as he describes his move from the operating room in Dallas to his ranch at the “gateway to the Texas Hill Country,” from which he had authored several children's books.

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New Faces, New Spaces

As the fall semester is underway, a host of students arrive ready to experience Lubbock Chrisitan University. Catch a glimpse of the new faces, from incoming freshmen to new faculty and staff, as well as new looks at LCU's campus, from newly-refurbished spaces to new additions to the student experience.

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Alumni News and Updates

LCU values the privacy of our constituents and their personal information. Since Reflections will now only be in digital format, alumni updates and future Chaps baby photos will no longer be a part of the publication to safeguard that information from being harvested from the internet. But we still want to celebrate your life updates and encourage you to stay connected through your personal social media avenues and by tagging us @LCUalumni or submit your updates online.