Volume 63 • Issue 1 • Winter 2023


Dr. Sharon Dirckx Continues LCU’s Legacy of Engaging Deep Theological Topics

Was there really an exodus from Egypt? What do the Dead Sea Scrolls actually tell us? Can Christians make peace with the warlike god of the Old Testament? These are just a few of the questions that speakers for Lubbock Christian University’s Lanier Theological Library Lectures have addressed through the years, and in November, LCU hosted the 11th event in the annual series featuring neuroscientist Dr. Sharon Dirckx. The distinguished speaker, author, and adjunct lecturer at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) tackled the question, "Are we just our brains?"

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Planting Trees for the Future

A Note from the President

While most of the world gets just a single annual renewal on New Year’s Day, because of the unique rhythms of university life, we get three—the New Year AND the start of both the fall and spring semesters. As we have welcomed students back to campus, I hope you will use this edition of Reflections as a reminder to lift our LCU community up in prayer.

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Gifts from Abroad

Guest writer Professor Jana Anderson shares how LCU's study abroad opportunity in Avila, Spain continues to be a foundational experience for students across campus. Plus, read a farewell letter from Dr. Michelle Kraft, whose own time as on-site director for the Avila program is coming to a close.

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On the Air

In the Spring of 2022, Chap Radio FM99.1, LCU’s student-run radio station operated by the department of  Communication and Fine Arts, began broadcasting home athletic events—whether at the Rip Griffin Center, the baseball and softball fields, or the track and field complex. This fall, that coverage expanded even more into volleyball and soccer, and has spread beyond the campus news station—Chap Radio Sports Network is the only student-run radio station in the Lone Star Conference to cover all major sports with radio broadcast.

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A Place Everyone Can Call Home

Each year, LCU welcomes over a thousand students to campus with the mission to prepare their hearts, hands, and minds for lives of purpose and service. For many of these new and returning students, LCU is the place they learn to live on their own, away from parents and family who have raised them—and while learning to call a new place “home” can be a daunting process, it also provides an opportunity to share in the depth of cultural diversity that makes up LCU’s campus.

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Looking Beyond the Filters

When Dr. Shauna Frisbie first went into mental health counseling, she didn’t do so with the intention of becoming an expert on eating disorders—but over twenty years later, she published A Therapist’s Guide to Treating Eating Disorders in a Social Media Age, a tool for counselors to help navigate how social media impacts disruptive behaviors caused by issues with body image. 

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On the Go: Bringing Hope and Connection to Ministers and Church Leaders

For over a decade, LCU has hosted the Moser Ministry Conference until the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, and the 13th annual gathering for this conference was cancelled as the world ground to a halt. Over the past two years, however, LCU's Smith College of Biblical Studies has embraced a new opportunity to bring hope, encouragement, and resources to churches across the US. 

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Life Through the Lens

Some students arrive at college knowing exactly what they want to study, already pursuing a dream they may have had for years. Others, however, take a different path to find their calling—one of exploration, opportunity, and discovery. For LCU alumnus John Moore (’15), his passion for photography wasn’t one he discovered until his college career at LCU was already well underway. 

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What is it about Homecoming?

Brenda (McNair) Cass ('73) reminisces about her time at LCU as she plans her class's 50th Reunion celebration at this year's Homecoming.

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LCU Associates Set Record at South Plains Fair

One of the university’s longest supporting groups is the Associates of LCU—and their tradition of operating food booths at the annual Panhandle South Plains Fair each fall is one of their most prolific and longest-running fundraisers. Over their 64-year history, the Associates have raised more than $3 million for LCU due largely to their locally famous “Homemade Pie” and Corn fair booths, and this year’s profits set a new all-time record high.

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Alumni News and Updates

There is a new alumni site to share life updates such as moves, career changes, marriages and future Chap baby photos. Stay connected to LCU and fellow alumni by engaging in that site at www.lcualumni.com or login to the space below.